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Terms and Conditions

This Allotment is subject to the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Buyer / Applicant.

  1. All notices and correspondence shall be sent/made in the name of the Buyer/applicant at the address given by the Buyer/applicant and any notices/letters sent to the above address shall be valid intimation to all the Buyer/applicant regarding the contents therein. However, it is made clear that the Buyer/applicant. Shall inform the Company about their change of address.

  2. The property right of the exterior walls of the building “Pine Enclave” rests with the company. The Buyer/applicant shall avoid different types of colors. Shades and designs of the outside of the walls of the building, any change in the color scheme of the exterior walls shall not be permitted, similarly, no projections/hooks/nails, etc. will be allowed to be constructed/fixed on the exterior walls of the building.

  3. The Buyer/applicant has/have accepted the plans, designs, and specifications which are tentative and are kept at the Company’s office, and agrees that the Company may affect such variations, alterations, and modifications therein as it may, in its sole discretion deem appropriate and fit or as may be done by the Company and Buyer/applicant gives his/her consent to such variations/addition/alternation/deletion and modification.

  4. The Buyer/Applicant shall bear and pay all expenses in respect of execution and registration of the Deed of Conveyance including the stamp duty and registration fee payable in accordance with the law in force at the time of the execution and registration.

  5. The display of any advertisement on the walls of the “Pine Enclave” or on the structures erected thereon in whatsoever manner shall be subject to the orders/directions/instructions/approval of the Company. It may further be added that the advertisement board can be placed in specified places only in the space provided by the Company.

  6. That Buyer/applicant shall be responsible for implementing the environment and safety norms as per the applicable laws and shall take reasonable measures to prevent the destruction, scarring, and defacement of the natural surroundings and environment around the “Pine Enclave”. The Buyer/Applicant shall ensure compliance with all applicable labor laws, health, and safety laws, and any other statutory or regulatory requirement, as may be applicable to “Pine Enclave”. The Company shall not be liable in this regard in any manner whatsoever either towards the Buyer/applicant, towards any regulatory authority, or towards any third party.

  7. All common passages in the building, service/amenities, and the landscape area shall neither be constructed upon, inappropriately utilized nor rented out but will be exclusively used for the purposes these are meant for.

  8. The common area/corridor provided on each floor shall not be utilized by any Buyer/applicant for his personal use or for any other purpose.

  9. That Buyer/Applicant shall comply with and abide by the rules, regulations, bylaws, orders, and/or directions that may be issued by Bahria Town, Lahore.

  10. The Company has the right to construct additional floors. The roof rights are the sole property of the “Pine Enclave”.

  11. All disputes between the Company and Buyer/applicant shall be referred to the Arbitrator and the decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both the parties.

  12. Any request for any change in construction of any type in the shop/commercial space from the Buyer/applicant will not be entertained.

  13. After taking possession of the shop/commercial space, the Buyer/applicant shall have no claim against the Company as regards the quality of work, material, pending installations, area of the shop, commercial space, or any other ground whatsoever.

  14. That the Buyer/applicant has/has to pay monthly charges to the Company or its nominated body.

  15. That all payments must be made through CHQ / P.O / D.D in the name of Q Links Property Management Pvt. Ltd. through the payee’s account only.

  16. That the allotment/booking will be treated as canceled (without any prior notice) if the buyer fails to pay the balance amount within the stipulated period as well as if the Buyer fails to pay 02 consecutive installments as per schedule.

  17. In case of cancellation of any unit, 20% amount of the total price of the shop will be deducted, and the remaining will be refunded after the sale of the same unit to the new buyer.

  18. Any type of encroachment/construction in the “Pine Enclave” including roads, lobbies, roofs, etc., will not be allowed to the Buyer/applicant.

  19. The Buyer/applicant consents that he/she/they shall allow sweepers and maintenance staff to enter his/her/their shop/commercial space for cleaning/- maintaining/repairing the pipe’s leakage, seepage, etc.

  20. The Buyer/applicant agrees that he/she/they will use the said shop/commercial space for commercial purposes and shall not use the aforesaid shop/commercial space for any other purpose, which may or is likely to cause nuance to the Buyer/applicant of other shops/commercial space in “Pine Enclave” or to crowd the passages to use it for any illegal or immoral purposes.

  21. The Company, after handing over the possessions of a particular shop/commercial space shall in no way be responsible for the safety, stability, etc. of the structure.

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